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The bearing shells, in which the shaft rotates, are lined with a low-friction material like Babbitt metal. Such condensers use steam ejectors or rotary motor -driven exhausts for continuous removal of air and gases from the steam side to maintain vacuum.

This crushed coal is taken away to the furnace through coal pipes with the help of hot and cold air mixture from P. Water from the ring header is divided to all the four side of furnace. These are used to channelize the route of coal through another belt in case the former is broken or unhealthy. Facebook Linkedin Linkedin Twitter. In most of the places in the world the turbine is steam -driven.

The transfer points are used to transfer coal to the next belt. Flue gasses from the furnace are extracted by induced draft fan, which maintains balance draft in the furnaces with forced draft fan.

Thermal power station

The electricity flows to a distribution yard where transformers increase the voltage for transmission to its destination. Boiler used in the power plant is suspended type. The largest reciprocating engine-generator sets ever built were completed in for the Manhattan Elevated Railway. The hydrogen must be sealed against outward leakage where the shaft emerges from the casing.

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The process is similar to that of a radiator and fan. Oil lubrication is provided to further reduce the friction between shaft and bearing surface and to limit the heat generated. The huge amount of coal is usually supplied through railways.

Power station furnaces may have a reheater section containing tubes heated by hot flue gases outside the tubes. Power stations in such ships also provide steam to smaller turbines driving electric generators to supply electricity. Shipboard power stations usually directly couple the turbine to the ship's propellers through gearboxes. Hi, I am general order supplier located at Korba Chhatisgarh and looking after different power plants and i am entrustedin electrical items dealership.

Smaller units may share a common generator step-up transformer with individual circuit breakers to connect the generators to a common bus. The cooling water used to condense the steam in the condenser returns to its source without having been changed other than having been warmed. The Secondary air fan takes air from the atmosphere and, first warms the air in the air preheater for better economy. To minimize the frictional resistance to the rotation, the shaft has a number of bearings. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Nuclear-powered steam plants do not have such sections but produce steam at essentially saturated conditions. This prevents it from getting deformed, when a subjected to very high temperatures. Coal is transported to bowl mills by coal feeders. The crushed coal is then sent by belt conveyors to a storage pile. Furnace explosions due to any accumulation of combustible gases after a trip-out are avoided by flushing out such gases from the combustion zone before igniting the coal.

Demineralized water of low conductivity is used. This steam and water mixture is again taken to the boiler drum where the steam is sent to super heaters for superheating. The surface condenser is a shell and tube heat exchanger in which cooling water is circulated through the tubes.

The crushed coal is then transported to the store yard. It basically consists of a transmitter and a receiver. While small generators may be cooled by air drawn through filters at the inlet, larger units generally require special cooling arrangements. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

With options varying from fly ash to bottom ash conveyors, and pneumatic versus mechanical ash handling systems, our experts are ready to help evaluate which application is best for your plant. Ash handling equipment is one of the most crucial links in the solid fuel, biomass boiler, and combustion systems chain. This system requires special handling during startup, property tables booklet thermodynamics pdf with air in the chamber first displaced by carbon dioxide before filling with hydrogen.

Coal handling plant in a thermal power generating station

Ash Handling Systems

Some prefer to use the term energy center because such facilities convert forms of heat energy into electrical energy. They are enclosed in well-grounded aluminium bus ducts and are supported on suitable insulators. Because the metallic materials it contacts are subject to corrosion at high temperatures and pressures, the makeup water is highly purified before use. Mai branch instrumentation I need to chp coal information. This is essential for a safe, damage-free shutdown of the units in an emergency situation.

It consists of a rotary machine, which rotates the coal and separates the light dust from it through the action of gravity and transfer this dust to reject bin house through belt. Impurities in the raw water input to the plant generally consist of calcium and magnesium salts which impart hardness to the water. For best efficiency, the temperature in the condenser must be kept as low as practical in order to achieve the lowest possible pressure in the condensing steam. While saving water, the efficiency of the cycle is reduced resulting in more carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour of electricity. Sometimes, a steam blanketing arrangement or stainless steel doughnut float is provided on top of the water in the tank to avoid contact with air.

Ash Handling System of a Thermal Power Plant

Thermal power station

Regular mechanical hammers blows cause the accumulation of ash to fall to the bottom of the precipitator where the bottom of the precipitator where they are collected in a hopper for disposal. High pressure steam turbine. The shaft therefore requires not only supports but also has to be kept in position while running. In such cases, separate gas burners are provided on the boiler furnaces.

The crushed coal is conveyed from the storage pile to silos or hoppers at the boilers by another belt conveyor system. An auxiliary oil system pump is used to supply oil at the start-up of the steam turbine generator. Some biomass -fueled thermal power stations have appeared also. Most thermal stations use coal as the main fuel. So in this article i will discuss the overall processes carried out at a Coal Handling plant in a coal based thermal power generating station.

This waste heat can go through a condenser and be disposed of with cooling water or in cooling towers. Natural gas is frequently combusted in gas turbines as well as boilers. Water from the drum passes through down comers and goes to bottom ring header. Another form of condensing system is the air-cooled condenser. If the condenser can be made cooler, the pressure of the exhaust steam is reduced and efficiency of the cycle increases.

Let our industry experts ensure the proper construction of your equipment and find creative solutions that will last. Any ions in the final water from this process consist essentially of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, which recombine to form pure water.

Nuclear marine propulsion is, with few exceptions, used only in naval vessels. Water from the boiler feed pump passes through economizer and reaches the boiler drum. This ash is mixed with water to form slurry and is pumped to ash pond.