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Be sure that the side with the shorter bend of the flat cable is connected to the connector J Clamp. When recording paper pick-up performance fails.

Procedures for processing communication problems with other manufacturers facsimiles. Then start the operation again. If you want to print the correct paper size, press Stop button and install the correct size paper. Technical Reference This part explains the technical theory the product. The other prints out several pages with one line of text on the top of each page even when it is a one page document that was printed.

If Prohibited is selected, the reception side does not fall back. If memory boards are handled when an electrostatic charge is present, the electronic parts will suffer damage. Correct the connection after checking the connector.

Canon LASER CLASS 710 Brochure & Specs

Static electricity warning Electrostatic discharge can destroy electronic components and alter electrical characteristics. Do not store cartridges in locations subject to extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Parts which are generally likely to cause electrical shock are as follows. When black vertical stripes appear in copied or transmitted. Please include it with the product Product No.

The handset was left off the hook after the completion of transmission or reception. Overview Test whether the sensors are operating correctly. Sensor board used to monitor the sensors in the reader unit.

Paper Guide It is used to hold down the original in horizontal direction to prevent it from moving askew. Figure Communication Trouble To process communication ploblrems, first of all, it is necessary to narrow down the cause of the problem. Separation Roller upper This roller uses differences in the coefficients of function of the document and separation roller to separate each of the sheets in a multiple-page document. You can now use the operation panel keys to view and change settings. Initializing the document stopper The projection on the upper document feed roller needs to be set initialized to the optimum position to operate the document stopper properly.

Canon All in One Printer User Guide

If the kit is handled when an electrostatic charge is present, the electronic parts will suffer damage. Either line can be used independently or simultaneously for separate transactions.

Note that not all items are necessarily used by the fax machine. You can't post conmments that contain an email address. When a unit in the illustration can be disassemble further, a reference illustration page of the disassembly will be included.

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Procedures for processing communication problems with Canon facsimile. The laser beams reflected off the scanning mirror focus on the photosensitive drum after passing through the focusing lens and reflective mirror. The scanning mirror rotates at a constant speed so that the laser beams scan across the photosensitive drum at a constant speed. The two laser beams pass through the collimator and cylindrical lenses and strikes the scanning mirror, which is rotating at a constant speed. You can try to send the document manually.

Not available for this fax. In the case of trouble with another manufacturers facsimile, refer to the flowchart for troubles with other manufactures. The contact sensor has a scanning resolution of dpi.

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Handling Cartridges Always place toner cartridges down with the arrow on the cartridge facing up. The fixing section on this machine is an on-demand method that uses fixing film with low thermal capacity.

When attaching or removing cables, always be sure to turn the power off. Contact me at lbvennard me. To prevent caking of the toner, never stand the cartridge on its end, and do not store it upside down. To prevent the photosensitive drum from strong light, a drum cover shutter is attached. Printer cover sensor fails to operate properly.

In this test, various print patterns are output from the printer. This unit is installed near the contact sensor in the lower reader frame unit. The frequency can be changed with the numeric buttons. There is no recording paper.

It will be more valuable to the users than an answer to a specific question, which can be answered by reading the manual. Pull down the manual hand feed tray which is located above the regular paper cassettes and place some legal size paper in it.

This product is supported by our Canon Authorized Dealer Network. Before checking for the cause of print defects, joint products and by-products pdf check whether the user uses Canonrecommended paper and stores it correctly.

SOLVED Canon Laser Class Operators Manual - Fixya

When recording paper feed performance unit fails. If the noise is comming from the fuser swap it out. The table giving the correspondence between the characters and the buttons is below.

Conduct a communications test. If a printed page comes out of the machine all curled up, you can correct the problem by turning over the paper stack in the paper cassettes so that the bottom sheet in the stack is now at the top. If the toner becomes caked as a result of being stored in an odd position for too long, it may be impossible to dissolve it completely even by shaking the cartridge. Holds about sheets of paper.

Click on the title for more information. Then output the list of changes made to the defaults of user data list and system data list, and output the system data list.