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Have you set these up and applied them? Email Required, but never shown. Offers Dual Modes of Conversion Application provides two options for conversion of. But you may be warner - you need some knowledge in help authoring. Had you stated that at the outset it would have saved RoboColum n from stopping work to prepare the list he gave you.

How do we grade questions? As a moderator can I ask that people be more specific. You can not post a blank message. The application can convert unlimited data from.

Go for it if you have too many files to convert. The process to convert is very simple. Select Files it allows you to convert. There is a reset of the workaround described above after a main Microsoft Windows update. Windows Help files - what are the options?

They do not encode information that is specific to the application software, hardware, or operating system used to create or view the document. Immediately it will open up the settings window, where you will be surprised with the number of settings that it supports. You can choose any of the desired option accordingly.

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The conversion project example from the download section includes a working structure and example files. They are relatively good for fairly basic queries like this.


Works great, I've used it for years. You have to use some utility in order to perfectly migrate from one file format to another. If you can't wait, try reading the product help files.

None of those products were useful to me. You can also load or save the profile for future use.

Apart from the above, there are many other advanced options as well that you can specify. It will automatically start the conversion process and convert all the added files. Can I set the page margin for the resultant file?

This file format superseded WinHelp. But if you already have a virtual printer software installed, then you can actually use them to do this conversion. Frequently Asked Question.

You can change the Orientation of the pages, like Portrait or Landscape. You can call the exe file of this program from the command line, and provide the source and target destinations. If not, and you don't know what to do, I suggest that this is best handled by you getting some good training. This software actually uses Calibre for conversion you do not need to install that separately, it takes care of that for you. Please see the links in my answer above.

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Whilst we do not mind offering free advice where we can, sometimes we simply can't. Yes, I looked at those questions.

Change your options as required. If you are an advanced user or want to control more settings, then you can click Preferences button after selecting the above said printer. All of us who offer advice here are paid employees or freelancers. Just click Print button if you do not want any additional settings. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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We will get back to you soon! Provides Filter for Resultant File The software is programmed in such a way that it provides various filter option to manage the resultant data accordingly. Now the scope of your original question has expanded to making sure your applications calls it correctly!

It is actually a popular e-book management software, but not many people know that it can be used to convert between different file types as well. One other option is to just keep it as a Word document. If you require further help, contact me using the email link in my profile.

File Name File Size Progress. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Does the application maintains the integrity after conversion?

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Most people using Windows have Word installed, and users on Mac and Linux will probably know how to convert the file to something they can read if it's even necessary to convert it. But some heavy steps to fix the bygone WinHelp Viewer. Really, grand theft auto manual pdf it is as simple as that.

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If you need to know more specifics, you'll need to tell us which version of RoboHelp you have. There is a scaling option also present with resolution setting and you can control it percent wise of the original. Specify the directories you want to use for the various fields and the name for your starting topic. Microsoft strongly advise you move away from WinHelp about ten years ago. There are a lot of other considerations e.

This is one of those situations. Alternatively there are some books around that could help. If you want me to help you further you can contact me via my website. Drop your files to convert them We'll get right on it. Click Next to go to the next step of the wizard.