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Seems the backend used for this has changed. Is there away to get another one. It brought up the sticker for both of my cars. My delaer was kind enough to supply it with the car rather than stuck to the windows, but it should definitely be there.

Window Sticker Lookup by VIN

Window Sticker lookup Click the appropriate brand badge and get a pdf of the cars window sticker. It's how I knew it had been built. Chrysler will not issue a copy of a window sticker to any dealer but the one that sold the car new, do not know why but i have been all through it with my car. Search tags for this page.

Get a free copy of your vehicle s window sticker

Others on this forum have obtained a duplicate going through their dealer. Now, it quickly redirects to a useless site for potential buyers or those simply curious.

Find More Posts by gthrift. Is there still a physical sticker? Originally Posted by soaringfalcon. Some can mimic the original nicely.

Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions. Window sticker not available. How to Get a Replacement Window Sticker? The Window Sticker lists important details and information about the car.

Bring proof of ownership with you. We bought it less than a week after it arrived at the dealer. We're browsing Flex's for my wife, and I want one with a factory tow package. Send a private message to DustMagnet. Like some of the guys have said you can do a carfax report and it will give you a breakdown from dates to how many people before you have owned the car, recalls, and any accidents reported!

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Window Sticker Lookup by VIN

With a template, a good home computer and printer, you might be able to make your own Munroney sticker. Any idea on how to find out what dealer sold the car?

The original owner's information may be redacted. Originally Posted by DustMagnet. According to the dealership, my car never had a window sticker because it was used by Chrysler as a fleet vehicle before they auctioned it. Maybe someone else knows, too.

The buyer can obtain such detailed information easily, and thus know if the vehicle in question is the one they need or not. Some of them mimic the original very nicely. Sweet, I'll have to try this later on my wife's exploder and on my Midlana engine donor. My dealer puts them in the glove box upon delivery of the vehicle to the customer. This Vehicle Identification Number is usually capable of being seen in various places.

Build Sheet Window Sticker Look Here

Kinda odd that I'm the second owner of the car, Chrysler being the first! It can help potential buyers ascertain if the automobile indeed possesses the features the buyer is looking for with relative simplicity. Nice to be able to do that. Let's say you bought a used vehicle, and wanted to know what standard and optional equipment it came with and what it cost. Help Repairs Part sources Resources.

Send a private message to gthrift. Munroney sticker reproductions. It can help fill in details for what's not pictured or what can't be seen as well. Send a private message to DirtDawg. Find More Posts by soaringfalcon.

My wife's Chrysler had no sticker on it at all. Sponsors MoparOnlineParts. Find More Posts by DustMagnet.

Dealer is giving me the run around on their side. Do you already have an account? That would still be in the Chrysler computer database.

Build Sheet Window Sticker Look Here

It's not all pretty like the sticker, but it has everything your car left the factory with. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Different states have different laws.

Doug D Virginia Gentleman. No, create an account now. If it isn't at the selling dealer, pdf number of pages it is gone. Looks like they upgraded the site and added security. It now days you need to be a dealer or to visit a dealer to get window sticker info.

To get the sticker you would have to go to the dealer that sold it and see if they can make you one. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. They will send you a build list for the vehicle but you won't get the sticker.

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Apart from helping a buyer figure out the scope of the value, it can also aid someone who is looking to sell their vehicle. At any rate, there is a place you can go online and get a. Is there another secret site I could use to get this information? Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Many dealerships use these for their used cars.

You'll need to log in to post. It should also let you know where the car was delivered to, it might help you narrow down to a couple dealerships in an area. For me, it was the easiest way to find out the gear ratio since salesman are typically clueless. Likely due to FoMoCo dealership complaints about folks like us sharing internet data. News News News forum Upcoming cars Test drives.

Step 1 Choose your Vehicle Make

Get a free copy of your vehicle's window sticker! Going thru my paperwork and lost my window sticker. Please contact the dealer to make the request. Guess I will have to do it the hard way now.