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The level of development as of a device, procedure, process, technique, or science reached at any particular time usually as a result of modern methods. It gives the conclusions of each test performed and an overall airworthiness assessment. To demonstrate that a product is capable of meeting the requirements for the specified application or intended use. Portable personal computer loaded with software used for training. Training covers all aspects of aviation and ranges from beginner courses through to senior management courses.

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Elimination or reduction of a risk to an acceptable level. See also Project and Project Code.

Organization that leases an aircraft from a Lessor. To express these meanings, a qualifying adjective should be used. They are stored under the Industrialization Organization responsibility.

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End of training session general overview, with participation of trainees, enabling a first evaluation of their newly acquired knowledge. Scheduled date for first flight which is the target for production. Aircraft Definition Evolution Code composed of one modification number and one modification proposal number and associated with a defined effectivity. Relates to the time during which an aircraft is refurbished or converted. Systems for which Full Provision is installed shall be certified such that operation is permitted when the item s of equipment are incorporated.

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Recovery action planned in advance should a risk occur. We'll help you find that next great read. Basic Build Status completed with the part of the Cabin Furnishings which is not customized. Asia-Pacific regional office.

Flights performed in the context of the Certification Campaign for a new aircraft model to demonstrate the adequacy of the aircraft, its systems and its procedures for an operational environment. Additionally, for information and operations follow-up purposes only, project appproval amount is the total amount of the project as submitted to approval thriugh the CaPex file process. No tricks, just difficult words.

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Un superbe accueil et des gens toujours avec le sourire. Pour les chutes Victoria choisir une autre saison. Progression within the course is directly by an instructor. The means of achieving this and the precise definition of maturity will vary according to the discipline.

Webster Dictionary Definition Dossier Process of determining the essential characteristics of a product. Inhouse it can be shortened to Airbus France or abbreviated to A-F. Flight above a cloud layer is permitted if the way to the destination airport is clear of cloud. Supplier Purchaser delivery documents, stock, follow-up.

An uncertainty which, if it occurs, will have a beneficial effect upon project objectives. When the aircraft is accepted by the Flight Test organization it is under the responsibility of that organization. Results in data necessary to understand the product, its interface s with other products and its operation.

Term used to identify definition evolution with reference to a Basic or Technical Definition or Specification of an Airbus Product. Any additional modification is to be approved. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Do not use Purchaser in this context.

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The IATA Book - 2019 IATA DGR 60th Edition

Dictionary Entries near tact Taconic Range taconite tacrine tact tactful tactic -tactic. See the full definition for tact in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Direct contact with any part of the aircraft, how to read better and faster norman lewis pdf including parts which have become detached from the aircraft c. Headings used within tasks to provide groupings of sub-tasks steps.

Certification Authorization granted by the Authority to deviate from a regulatory requirement under certain conditions. The effective use of all resources available to the crew, including hardware, software and all persons involved in aircraft operations to achieve safe and efficient flight.

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Operation that consists in proving that Aircraft status is exactly in conformity with its detailed Definition and Specification. North America regional office. It allows pilots to begin transition training with a fundamental knowledge of the differences in flying advanced technology aircraft. On a desktop trainer all student or instructor information and controls are on one or several screens.

Customer Acceptance Customer Effectivity Code Planning Indicates when the Aircraft is ready for delivery to the customer technically and commercially. Supplier of finished products. Pre-cut template applied temporarily to the aircraft or component surface to which paint of a pre-defined color is applied.