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The increase is due to rising unconventional supplies, mainly from light tight oil and Canadian oil sands, natural gas liquids, and a jump in deepwater production in Brazil. Carbon capture and storage remains critical in the long term. Investment in stronger and smarter infrastructure is needed. Instead most nations show a decline. The most dramatic decline in production that any oilfield has shown is that seen for the super-giant Cantarell.

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An analysis of World Energy Outlook - Resilience

Oil companies listed on the New York Stock exchange must follow strict rules when it comes to evaluating reserves and in principal they are only allowed to report developed resources as reserves. Flame Conference Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Other oil companies can follow other rules.

If this increase is real we should expect increased investments in the refinery industry. To assert that I have said that oil will run out shows once again that he does not understand the concept of Peak Oil. International Energy Agency.

Yet, a lack of incentives and a number of non-economic barriers continue to block broader uptake. Already, there are bottlenecks in electricity transmission capacity in important markets such as Germany and China that threaten to limit the future expansion of low-carbon technologies.

An analysis of World Energy Outlook - Resilience

Success, however, will critically depend on the overall functioning of the energy system, not just on individual technologies. They should encourage national clean energy technology goals and escalate the ambition of international collaboration. Population, even by region, is unlikely to deviate much from the assumptions used for this Outlook. Southeast Asia Energy Outlook. Outlook for Caspian Energy Astana, Kazakhstan.

Temporary transitional economic incentives can help to create markets, attract investments and trigger deployment. Roles in the energy markets will change. Dr Birol gave a very polished presentation, the main message of which was that, in future, we would use our energy resources as efficiently as possible.

Finally, promoting social acceptance of new infrastructure development should be a priority. Energy Efficiency Market Report Online. How will it incentivise investment and ensure reliable supply, and what share of our total energy needs can ultimately be met by electricity?

Energy Technology Perspectives - IEA

Low-carbon electricity is at the core of a sustainable energy system. Against that background, the current increase in the use of coal for electricity generation is the single most problematic trend in the relationship between energy and climate change. Systems also need to be operated more intelligently.

This is important to remember when we later discuss unconventional oil production. We can see that an increasing number of these have gone over to drilling for oil rather than gas. New regions must be opened up for exploration.

He would first ring Dr Birol and then me. Experience in the use of energy and carbon taxation. For this to happen, the industry must first believe in the new demand. Committing to application of these recommendations would form a good basis for action and accelerate results. Redrawing the Energy Climate Map Paris.

Application of more stringent performance standards and codes will be necessary, particularly in the buildings and transport sectors. Some of the technologies with the largest potential are showing the least progress. Bioenergy forecasts for heat, power and transport Paris, France. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data.

Contact us Terms and Conditions, Use and Copyright. Regarding the required level of investment stated above, I am not able to judge whether it would be sufficient. The Road to Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Common goals supported by stringent and predictable policies are essential to establish the necessary credibility within the investment community. The Role of Energy Efficiency. In fact, low-carbon electricity generation is already competitive in many markets and will take an increasing share of generation in coming years. Committed government funds are inadequate and are not being allocated to projects at the rates required. Note that the huge increase of oil production in Iraq is crude oil.

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The scale-up of projects using these technologies over the next decade is critical. High-level Workshop on Renewable Energy Paris. Remember me Forgot password?

The news spread rapidly around the entire world. More people have access to electricity than ever before, el peregrino diario de un mago paulo coelho pdf but the world is falling short of its sustainable energy goals. All oilfields in the world show increasing production to a maximum before they begin to decline. Today Tracking Clean Energy Progress Are the sectors and technologies critical to the clean energy transition on track?

Challenges lie in integrating these technologies into large-scale projects. Iraq sees the biggest absolute increase in output. We at Uppsala University have specifically studied these physical conditions and we can point on a number of important factors. These numbers have been questioned by many. Event Wind Conference Stockholm, Sweden.

Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 - IEA

Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 - IEA

Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Representatives from the diplomatic corps in Stockholm, from industry, from academia and others were invited to attend the presentation. When an oil field is discovered the resources in the field are evaluated. The light, tight oil production such as shale oil is part of this.

Water-Energy Nexus Excerpt. Earlier I mentioned that a large increase in refinery capacity was required to meet the demand for transport fuels. Key drivers of energy markets are hard to predict, in part because they interact with each other. The consequence of this will be that production of natural gas will fall.

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