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But you probably don't mean constructed examples but real-world ones. That's how i did this, hope it will help someone in future. Also it does not help if you do not add a page at a time.

For that you might want to look at questions like this one etc. But it's also the only way to go with iText.

As has been stated in the other answers, something like pdf. Also, you can limit the size of the file that can be uploaded to your site, if you're worried about excessive page counts. Is iText the only options?

Hence, I don't want to go over all the pages again in order to number them. That regular expression works for documents fulfilling a number of assumptions and in particular is likely to fail for documents with multiple revisions or intense object stream use. Is there any method to achieve that?

Page count of Pdf with Java Ask Question. AddTemplate template, pageSize. As the other answers indicate, you will first need to create the pdf, then look how many pages the pdf you created contains and then add the footer to each page. ToShortTimeString, basics of j2ee pdf pageSize.

However, memory operations burden my project. It didn't even parse the xrefs it didn't have to. Is the page information somewhere in the header of the pdf, or is a full filescan needed?

Java pdf page count

How do we grade questions? No more searching, here is the solution. Seems to be the prefered way. It's more of an general question than code question. Obviously you would have to decrypt any files before analysing them.

But I am getting a exception. It does not add to much overhead to write the pages to the output. But loading the complete file seems useless. PdfWriter writer, iTextSharp. But does this piece of code have to scan the full pdf or would their be an easier way if you only read the header of the pdf.

Rama If you want, you can take this code to add it to your response. Any idea how to do this in iText?

Try sorting the file out and see what happens. Am struggling to find a similar example! OnCloseDocument writer, document template.

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Process the output from a PdfWriter to a bytestream first with a dummy page count. Create new class that will inherit from PdfPageEventHelper just like this. If you are able to count the pages on the server after uploading, then you should look at pdftools or similar. It's a tremendous value considering that you pay absolutely nothing for it.

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As you said, iText can give you the result you're looking for. How to add total page number on every page with iText? If the file isn't there, or if you are trying to read a write-only file, or if another application has opened it, so the file is unavailable, you will get an Exception.

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Page Count in PDF document (Java in General forum at Coderanch)

Your code doesn't say where it's gotten pageCount from. You count the number when you add the pages. Well done getting it to work. Email Required, but never shown. So using it in every footer, the document needs to be open to writing every footer.

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How to add the total page number on every page with iText? The answer that is marker as correct worked for me. How to get the number of pages of a.

It's messy, but there's no easy way to know the page count without a two-pass approach. It also seems to count pages for me when viewing the demo page from Mozilla. This takes quite long because the lib seems to scan the whole file. Notice that the the number of the page is in the bottom right corner of the page, and some optional text is in the left bottom corner.