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Home Technology Research on the parameters that influence on jigging process. If not lost in the process, the contaminated jig bed steel shots ragging is cleaned, its gold recovered using a pan or amalgamation.


Ores that have a quantity of natural magnetite iron ore composition can be considered as a bed substitute. Corresponding screen sizes should be specified for each jig bed. There are many ways to use mineral concentrating jigs in a mining recovery operation.

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As an example, please check out the following illustrations for ideas on the incorporation of jigs in the recovery system. The air-water interface level in the air chambers is measured by level probes, which control the poppet valves to keep the stroke in the air chamber constant.

It is economical since it naturally occurs in the ores being processed. Patio process Pan amalgamation. What's the working principle of mineral jig? After a rest period the cycle will start again to create and form the next pulse.

Metallurgical assay Non-ferrous extractive metallurgy. During this period separation takes place as the heavier ore particles will settle faster than the lighter waste particles. The waste of all the jigs is conveyed on one conveyer to the waste dump.

Surges of ore over the bed area will cause loss of valuable concentrates. Bed support screens are heavy duty oil tempered woven wire.

The sand bed is a layer of coarse and unclassified sand formed by the feed less the material passing in the ragging and the top flow. There is one thing that must be considered when determining the size of the jig s to be ordered. Shot having fractional, in-between sizes or made of stainless steel, lead or other compositions are also available.

Gold Jig & Mineral Processing Jigs

An important aim has been to accurately predict the stratification of typically equant heavy mineral particles in shear flow and under the pulsatory conditions of the jig bed. All working parts are provided with grease fittings for a long and smooth operating life. The particles are introduced to the jig bed usually a screen where they are thrust upward by a pulsing water column or body, resulting in the particles being suspended within the water.

The jig machine has a screen deck to support the jig bed and allow the pulse through to lift the beds the set height. Pan American duplex gold jig. Pulsating Jig in Operation.

Hutch water is supplied directly under the diaphragms. In general, the smaller the shot used, the finer the values that can be recovered.

If the mass is not evenly distributed into the jig machine the forward movement of the bed on that side would be faster, thus reducing the retention time and causing ineffective beneficiation. Secondary and tertiary jig feeds are classified according to the size of the screen plate apertures. Most of the problems were encountered around the poppet valves that maintain the pulse and control the lift of the jig bed.

Gold Jig & Mineral Processing Jigs

The air will push the water-air interface in the air chamber downwards, carrying the energy over to the ore bed and lifting the jig ore bed the desired stroke upwards. The jig bed becomes a mixture of mainly lighter heavy minerals and heavy precious minerals including gold and ragging. As long as the pulse characteristics are correct, the beneficiation efficiency will be optimal. See a circular hand operated jig.


Adjustable stroke variation is easily and quickly obtained by a simple adjustment of the eccentric. Form of pulse during cycle. The feed rate influences the retention time of the material in the mineral jig and thus the number pulses the material will receive before exiting the mineral jig as waste or product. During this period the water-air interface in the air chamber will move back to its original set position, forced only by the water in the jig machine and the ore on the jig screen. Ordinarily, roughing duty is done using three- or four-cell modules.

Research on the parameters that influence on jigging process

The particles would usually be of a similar size, often crushed and screened prior to being fed over the jig bed. The whole jig bed ragging plus mineral bed is expanded on the forward stroke and consolidates on the reverse stroke. Chromite ore of what grade can be fed into jig plant for beneficiation?

Research on the parameters that influence on jigging process Technology

Smaller shot will also result in a reduced overall jig throughput capacity. An on site inspection is recommended prior to any placement of order for concentrating equipment. Parts replacement if needed can easily be obtained locally, therefore there is no waiting period required to order special parts from the manufacturer. Regular monitoring of the condition of the equipment responsible for the pulse form will lead to optimum separation efficiency. To determine the amount of shot needed for a particular jig, multiply bed length and width by the desired shot depth to obtain the cubic inches of the bed material needed.

Since magnetite particle sizes are not consistent, the throughput capacity of the jig could be compromised. The punch plates part of the gate system and screen decks polyurethane decks must never block because of the effect it will have on the lift of the bed and thus the separation efficiency.

When jigging gold, silver and other metals, psychology test pdf free the feed should be preset so that the majority of anticipated gold particles reaching the screen will also pass through it. Jigging theory Jigging is a process of particle stratification in which the particle rearrangement results from an alternate expansion and compaction of a bed of particles by a pulsating fluid flow.

Research on the parameters that influence on jigging process

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