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Literate Programming

Even in sections of the book that are unrelated to literate programming per se, Knuth's example programs contain clever algorithms and data structures that can be instructive. The whole concept of code sections, indeed structured programming, ford laser manual pdf is to reduce the amount of text proggramming must be read in order to determine what a piece of code is doing.

One I have been exploring further. The documentation for a literate program is produced as part of writing the program. Knuth says that when he realized this, he began to think of a program as a web of various parts.

Literate programming was first introduced by Donald E. Quotes from Literate Programming.

He was inspired by the ideas of Pierre-Arnoul de Marneffe. Quick introduction to literate programming by Chris Lee. Indeed we believe that deep understanding of a small number of algorithms in this manner provides a stronger base for further study of computer graphics than does a superficial understanding of many.

The advantages mathematicians have when it comes to programming are experience with ways to precisely describe algorithms and logic and experience reasoning from first principles. The retrospective is fascinating to get an idea of just how Knuth approaches software construction. Besides demonstrating the techniques of clear, efficient coding, Knuth has sought to bring a deeper sense of aesthetics to the discipline. Books by Donald Ervin Knuth. Anywhere else, traceability is mostly wishful thinking shared by the many owners of physically disconnected documents.

These arbitrary explanatory phrases become precise new operators, created on the fly by the programmer, forming a meta-language on top of the underlying programming language. Then, to understand the complicated literste, what you needed is just to understand the small parts, and to understand the relationship between those parts and their neighbors. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Actually, writing out the expanded source code can be done from any section or subsection i. The main intention behind this approach was to treat a program as literature understandable to human beings.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Not to be confused with Natural language programming. Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September Articles with example code. The grand totals must be initialized to zero at the beginning of the program. We understand a complicated system by understanding its simple parts, and by understanding the simple relations between those parts and their immediate neighbors.

Literate programming

He wrote TeX without even running it and basically nailed it. Open Preview See a Problem? There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


The main idea is to treat a program as a piece of literature, addressed to human beings rather than to a computer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The reordering of code didn't really do anything for me, nor did I find the use of special symbols to enhance a program's readability.

Innovative ideas, critical technical knowledge, algorithmic solutions, and unusual coding constructions are clearly documented. If literate programming ever takes off, it won't look quite like this. The articles have been revised, extended, and brought up to date. All in all, it's a good book, especially for those who find almost everything written by Knuth deeply enjoyable. Journal of Statistical Software.

If we express a program as a web of ideas, we can emphasize its structural properties in a natural and satisfying way. We look at each character and change state if it begins or ends a word. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There are programmibg factors involved in developing excellent software.


Literate Programming

This is illustrated by the following snippet of the wc literate program. This book is the first in a series of eight volumes that contain archival forms of my published papers, together with new material. Trivia About Literate Programming. Frankly, however, it's underdeveloped in this book. Knuth has an interesting idea here, one I'd like to explore further.


The documentation parts of the program description should allow for the same freedom of expression that one would have in an ordinary technical paper. The program is also viewed as a hypertext document, rather like the World Wide Web. But that is exactly what D. Applicability of the concept to programming on a large scale, that of commercial-grade programs, is proven by an edition of TeX code as a literate program.

But sigh it probably isn't. Knuth is professor emeritus of the art of computer science at Stanford University. Rather, the point is that this style can more easily motivate others including your future self to read an implementation, such that they can more easily find the bugs. Drawing and Literate Programming. There are many examples in this book of what Knuth did aside from Literate Programming.

Such exposition of ideas creates the flow of thought that is like a literary work. Instead, it is wrenched into the daylight and made the main focus. This approach was implemented at Stanford University as a part of research on algorithms and digital typography. Literate programs are written to be read by other software developers.

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These macros are similar to the algorithms in pseudocode typically used in teaching computer science. In summary this book is a good read to see how one smart guy a while ago in computer terms tried to improve his code writing ability. This volume is first in a series of Knuth's collected works. It is used for instance to analyze complex living organisms or complex social systems. For the most part, I will assume that folks picking up this book are already predisposed to like the ideas.

This is, indeed, a great book. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. One such example is keeping a good track of bugs to see which ones happen most often, and then try to figure out how to prevent them. The un I really wanted to like this whole book, it is nicely typeset, looks great, is organized, clear, etc, but I ended up not liking it a whole lot.