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We do not know what to do. Below us lies what we are already, what we have done before.

Living Time and the Integration of the Life by Maurice Nicoll

Thus the world of sense, all that we see, is a very limited expression of real form and, properly speaking, science studies that which is indicated in the visible object. As long as we have this external view a hindrance lies in ourselves, and we fail to understand something of tremendous importance. We ignore what they represent, what place they have and what part they play in a connected universe. There can be no existing higher degree of reality.

Both the first and third terms are necessary, acting in conjunction. He needs ideas to give meaning to his existence. In many of the ancient philosophies this is taken as man's chief task - his real task. For us, the rose is simply there. There comes, from an indefinable direction, and intermittently, the sense of now.

Elementary particles of dead matter somehow or other combined together to form the entire universe and all the living beings contained in it. And we labour also in the common and immense field of living Time of which we inhabit a small portion.

But while thought, feeling, and imagination have no position in space, it is possible to think of them having position in some other kind of space. We see only a number of boys in a state of disorder. The emphasis is on one side - on the external, extended, sense-given side of the universe. If we seek to explain man by his organs, his organs by the cells composing them, the atoms by electrons, we lose sight of the man as a whole.

Maurice Nicoll - Living Time

The materialist was a person who regarded nature as selfderived. There is a vast invisible side that we can. His life was a life of colours and sounds, of pleasures, of griefs, of passionate loves, of ambitions, and strivings. Yet are they not quite real to us? Let us conceive an illustration.

It is obvious that we can explain a chair by its parts, but this is only one way of thinking about it, one form of truth. The world merely seems there, and we right in the middle of it.

While we know it in one sense already, it is not distinct. For what possible meaning can they have for us if we deny the possibility of any qualitative change to man? In the second case we are looking for the principles behind phenomena in the minutest forms of matter. He becomes aware that he himself exists. Man is his understanding - not his possession of facts or his heap of inventions and facilities.

Certain kinds of questioning must have occurred in his soul. This is natural because the world of sense is obvious. They would know one another. No one can understand either himself or another person merely through the exercise of logic.

Self-love always requires audience, either imagined or actual. An idea is, of course, invisible and we may never have any ideas in the sense that I mean, throughout our entire existence. Scientifically, we seek for causes in the phenomenal world.

In place of it, they imitate each other increasingly. Our thoughts, for instance, are not three-dimensional solids. It is not merely the quantity of consciousness that is altered, but its very nature.

Be the first to ask a question about Living Time and the Integration of the Life. To think Time itself brings us near the sense and meaning of Eternity. The mere sense of passing-time goes against it. Though Nicoll advocated the theories of the Fourth Way he also maintained interests in essential Christian teachings, shrimad bhagwat puran hindi pdf free in Neoplatonism and in dream interpretation until the end of his life. This was done through a program of work devoted to passing on the ideas that Nicoll had gathered and passed them on through his talks given weekly to his own study groups.

In when Gurdjieff closed down his Institute, Nicoll joined P. Whatever distinctions might be made between being and non-being, between primary and secondary, man was regarded as fundamentally allied with the positive and the primary. In Indian thought bondage to Maya is, from one angle, bondage to the surrounding objects of sense. The synthetic power belonging to our ordinary consciousness may well be of such a kind that it is unable to assimilate into a whole the various separate findings of scientific research.

Yet it is obvious that nothing can check the general momentum of events today. The house has grown up, so to speak, as something intermediate between the first term, idea, and the third term, elementary material part.

Is not this the obsessing fascination of explaining the greater by the less - the root of all obsession? Lectures in Metaphysics, Vol. Perhaps we have never really considered the question. The seed is fertile because of the first term, idea, which is nihil, nothing, dimensionless, invisible in the phenomenal world.

On the invisible, it is caused by an. The ideas behind all discernible reality are touched by man through the existence in him of innate notions. For, to materialists, the world must necessarily be idea-less. Through the standpoint of naturalism, he cuts himself off from all possibilities of inner change. The first expression in time and space of an idea is one single elementary material constituent.

They usually do so much more than we believe for we are both much more and much less obvious to others than we suppose. Plato suggests that they enter through the most minute - through the dimensionless. What we fail to grasp is that the pressure of outer life is not necessarily lessened by new discoveries. It is even possible that our brains may be receptive organs, apart from that side open to the sensory influx from skin, eyes, nose, ears, ete.


And what we may be is already there, as unhappy feeling, as incompleteness. From the practical side, we only see that man's inventions increasingly take charge of him. If there is buried in us the sense of truth, we must admit that there is a great deal superficial to it that fights against it. On the visible side the third term stands the world of facts. It lies along an untrodden road which the active mind can only find.