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Tile servers also contain multiple levels of tiles which provide different resolutions of the data at different map scales. The Synchronize Sync Windows tool gives users access to a toolbar that controls the display of selected map windows. There are advanced search options that include a spatial operator, field, date and record types to further refine the metadata search. There are buttons on the Table List window that will group tables by type, sort tables in ascending or descending order, and display recently opened tables first. If it is not there, please check your junk mail folder.

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Not Your Grandpa's Vo-Tech. Users will find they have greater control in displaying information on their maps with stacked symbols and style overrides. Please try again or email editors directionsmag.

Users can control the screen display with the window docking and floating functions to maximize the amount of real estate on their screen display. They can also find a location by entering coordinates. The software includes several new buttons and toolbars that reduce the number of mouse clicks needed to perform a function, which improves the end user's productivity.

There are also two new menu options under the File menu to add the Bing layers to the map. Synchronized windows are very useful to compare different layers of information at the same location in separate map windows. In order to complete the subscription process, simply check your inbox and click on the link in the email we have just sent you. If you still experience difficulties subscribing to our newsletters, please contact us at editors directionsmag. Users can change the layer symbols to appear differently as the user changes the scale of the map.

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As the user drags the window, arrows will appear as visual cues to position the window to a location specified by the arrow. The docking feature allows the user to control the amount of real estate on the screen and better organize the windows and tools that are visible in the software. Users can dock windows to the top, bottom, left or right sides of the map. Hover over an item to see the short description and click to view details.

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MapInfo Professional will automatically create scale ranges for the layer but the user can change the default scale by changing the Display Override Properties. This review will focus on enhancements to the software since the previous version. Users can synchronize multiple map windows, which allows them to make a change in one window, such as changing the map scale or panning the map, administration interview questions and answers pdf and both windows will be updated at the same time.

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Table List window showing different table types. Twitter LinkedIn Facebook.

Pitney Bowes Software Inc. Get Directions Magazine delivered to you. Working with Tables and Maps The new Table List function provides a window that displays the names of all tables that are open, whether mappable or not. Unlike other tile servers, where a MapBasic command is used to connect, the Bing data are connected automatically with the new buttons. Layer Control window with three Style Overrides for the Interstates layer.

Product Review MapInfo Professional Version 10.5

Current Industry Expectations. Geospatial Newsletters Keep up to date with the latest geospatial trends! The Bing layers will automatically display additional details at different map scales. The layer's current Style Override is shown in black lettering, while layers that are out of the scale range are displayed in gray lettering. Redistricting, the shape of things to come.

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Users can leave the windows as floating or they can dock windows by clicking on the title bar and dragging it to the location where they want to dock it. Engage, inform and inspire the geospatial community.

The behavior of the cursors has not changed, only the style in which they are displayed on the screen. Floating windows can be placed in a separate screen than the application for users who have split-screen computer monitors. The Standard Toolbar contains two new buttons that will automatically connect to the Microsoft Bing Aerial or Microsoft Bing Hybrid tile server to add the layers to the map.

The scale range of the Style Override will appear under the layer name in the Layer Control window. We'll email you to verify your address. You do not need to open the Bing table prior to adding it to the map. You can learn more about the upgrade and get a day evaluation. This is useful if there is an area of interest that a user needs to refer to frequently.

Stacey Stark, Touching the Future. The Table List provides users with a quick and easy way to access tables, search for tables, and perform actions on tables with fewer mouse clicks.