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Press the idle call appearance. Please contact your System Administrator for further details. Button Inspection You can check the current function set on a programmable button. Stored Number Stored Number The Stored Number feature allows you to store a single telephone number that you can dial quickly. The following are the default buttons for a M telephone.

Button Functions A button set to this function starts a conference between your current call and any calls you already have on hold. If you are currently on a call or set to do not disturb your phone is not paged. Working Without Interruption Working without interruption This chapter describes features that allow you to avoid receiving calls. When you have a callback set, the system will call you when the other user next uses ends a call. Divert A Call To Voicemail You can be paged if you have no call in progress or only held and or parked calls.

Meridian Display Meridian Display When you are on an active call, crup en pediatria pdf 2010 you can identify a second incoming caller with the Display feature. The preceding figure shows the location of the control buttons on your Meridian Digital Telephone. Your Meridian Digital Telephone can be placed on your desk so that it is tilted upwards making it easier to see the display.

If done during a call or while alerting, this will also adjust the call or ring volume. It will call when you use the phone.

Group Call Group Call Group Call automatically calls members of a predefined group, one at a time, until they have all answered. Use the Volume Control Bar desired language.


When you answer the callback, the system will automatically make another call to the user. Call Forward While you are away from your desk This chapter describes features that you may wish to use when you are away from your desk.

It provides you with a description of the controls, and a description of the features that are available to you. If the button includes an indicator, it will indicate the status of the function on or off. Adjust The Call Volume If you have an idle call appearance, you can still make another call. If the call is connected on the phone's handset, replacing the handset will end the call. See Speed Call for more information on setting up speed call does.

Forward Unconditional Switch on forward unconditional. When the required entry is highlighted, press Detail to display the name and number. Whenever this guide describes a procedure that requires special codes or passwords, ask your telephone system administrator to provide these to you. The call is redirected to voicemail.

Your current call and the held call will be connected. Holding Calls When you already have a call on hold and a call connected, you can connect them by starting a conference. Call Transfer Call Transfer allows you to transfer a call to another number. This allows it to be accessed in a single key press.

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Related Manuals for Broadconnect M No related manuals. Call Pickup Pickup a call ringing a user's extension number N.

Broadconnect M7208 User Manual

Lower it by pressing the left side. Enter the extension number of the user for who you want a button.

Manuals & User Guides for Norstar M7208 Telephones

If the person to whom you are transferring the call answers while you are on the line, a conference call is set up between the three of you. Dial the target user extension number. Call Transfer - Timed Reminder Recall During a call This chapter describes features that you can use during your call. Account Codes answered incoming calls and Out outgoing calls.

When you go off hook, the time and date disappear and information about your call is displayed. The duration of a call is briefly shown on the display after a call is ended.

If the button has an icon, the icon is shown when you have new messages in your mailbox. Following by pressing to adjust the ringing tone. Conference You can set up a conference call for up to three or six people, including yourself. When the required entry is shown, press. Terms You Should Know Terms you should know Terms you should know Attendant - the attendant is a telephone operator in your organization.