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And a pretty good one, finally. Still, the idea of using Termies like that is awesome. You didnt take em for their smites primaraly anyway.

This is quite good for any unit that wants to be mobile and packs weapons like Bolters, Plasma Guns, etc. Looks to me like they can. Rerolls failed wound rolls vs.

It's like the venerable dreadnought which itself is considered a very dubious choice and is arguably tougher. Now, to defend Dave's wording.

As well as the new tzeentch power? Legion traits, characterful and powerful stratagems, warlord traits, artifacts, points and stat adjustments and more are here.

Have your Khorne unit attack again in the fight phase. You always did what was asked of you.

Chaos get it for every tactics unit. Our group has already changed the Space Marine dex and the Tyranids to our satisfaction, disease management pdf but I'm really glad you've tackled the Chaos dex so brilliantly and thoroughly. The Chaos index has two data slates for the cults units Elites and Troops in the appropriate legion. Space Marines rules for their storm shields. Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights!


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Slaneesh units may shoot for a second time in the shooting phase. These are savage melee weapons, and turns a Chaos Lord into a blender! Warptime though, allows you to.

Spice with marks and psychics to taste. Some in this book help a ton!

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Another cool idea is the thought of making Greater daemons more powerful per marine you sacrifice to the dark gods persay. So you mention cult marines as troops. Are these two codexes actually balanced against each other? So do grey knights so this might be standard for codex armies.

Movement powers, buffs, debuffs and damage output. You have the ability to create powerful, themed armies using the models you want to use, not only those you feel like you have to use.

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This big guy is even more potent now than he was. Yeah, that is the limiter on it. Half of them have been fighting since the heresy, and have been getting more and more idiosyncratic. About Reecius The fearless leader of the intrepid group of gamers gone retailers at Frontline Gaming! In play-testing, I have had tremendous success with this list.

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If a unit has a newer datasheet you use that. Notify me of new posts via email. Should have double the cost atleast. Starts shooting its lascannon at these grots? You took no pleasure in what you did.

These apply to all Bikers, Infantry and Dreadnoughts. Example your champion is sacrificed and you summon a greater daemon. The Terminators will continue to cause disruption but typically will get worn down. Beyond being characterful, this is seriously good as denying Slay the Warlord to your opponent can win you the game. They were too cheap and too tough.

This can turn the tide of battle as many list strategies hinge on getting that one, critical psychic power off to win the game. You're very welcome I have a game against one of my friends organised for next Saturday, he's agreed to give these rules a go.

The only thing that stands out to me distinctly was their decision or mistake to have left these pages out of the codex. Once all of those units get stuck in, the Night Lords morale debuff really starts to punish your opponent. Even if rudely phrased or poorly worded in some peoples opinions, feedback has been welcomed and incorporated. In theory, the same thing could happen if it was a different unit or impassable terrain that was right next to the target point.

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However, the miss can still be modified to avoid things like overheating with Plasma. They have no direct effect but allow you to use other abilities on the units with them like psychic powers, stratagems, etc. Still no problem to flood the board with em making for some realy dull games. This Change wont effect the outcome.

Yeah you can use any option for a razorback that the index supported. The havocs hold your home objective and provide decent fire-support. The Sorcerer is pts due to Libby's etc. Or am I limited to just the three powers in the index?