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Place a two sided color document in the input tray, then click the Start Scanning button shown in the margin. See the Data Collection and Document Imaging Guide included with the scanner for information on how to use the software to print. After you turn on the scanner, wait for it to complete the self-test. Adjust the paper feeder guides to fit the cleaning sheet. Preventing Ransomware Attacks Ransomware impacts or destroys businesses every day.

Squeeze the metal strips on the connector and pull the connector away from the ink cartridge carrier. Maintenance Some debris from the rubber tires on the feed and separator modules is normal. Listen to it at least once to simulate the long wait time before starting for the real exam, but you definitely don't need to do it every time. These changes can be evaluated in the Excel data sheet provided. Printer Access Door Lift the printer access door off the scanner.

Maintenance Replacing the Imaging Guides Align the new lower imaging guide in the guide track and slowly push it in making sure that you can see the solid black side of the patch. If replacing the tires, repeat Steps for the other core assembly. Click the Setup button shown in the margin. Click the two- image display button shown in the margin.

Replace the ink cartridge. They are included here with additional information. The next step is to calibrate the scanner for data col- lection.

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This includes procedurally generated distraction noises, turbo mode, realistic virtual timer, five minute warnings, real instructions, and more. NestorReader is a trademark of Nestor, Inc. Please be sure to famil- iarize yourself with the rest of the information in this guide.

Assessment Solutions Scantron is a leader in digital assessments with M-plus online tests delivered and deep expertise in test development, psychometrics, and large-scale implementation. Make sure that the printer is in the correct position for your documents before you begin printing.

When you call Scantron, an introduction to hilbert space pdf an operator will ask you to describe your problem. While Scantron does not offer training specifically for Within the U.

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Exams must be submitted in manila envelopes - one per instructor multiple sections are allowed. Indicator Lights Momentary red and green scanner is powering up. Please download from these links to retain files for future use. Maintenance Maintenance Schedule Maintenance Schedule Use the following table as a guide to routine maintenance. Also ensure that the timing marks are on the right side both front and back when you are facing the input tray.

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Tire life and performance will vary based on the docu- ment set, the frequency of cleaning of the transport and tires, and following the recommended schedule for changing tires. Align the blotter strip in one of the blotter strip channels. Reinstall the feed module. Turning The Scanner On Turn the power on to the scanner.

Lift the printer access door off the scanner. This is what proctors use to run things on test day. You can use this to print as many copies as you want. Lower the scanner cover and press it down firmly until it latches into place.

Grasp the pre-separation pad and pull it out of the separator module. Supplies And Consumables imaging guides. On the side that has not been inserted into the hole, push the top tab as shown below firmly toward the pin that is in. Replacing The Pre-separation Pad Push on the pre-separation pad side tabs on the back until the pre-separation pad protrudes slightly from the front of the separator module. Next, push the tray firmly toward the side that is in so that you have clearance to slide the other pin into the hole.

Replace the printer access door. Lift the tray up and move it up or down to the desired position. Locate the printer access door on the back of the scanner. Diagnostics - General Tab This test is per- formed during any scan session in which this option is turned on. Slide the ink cartridge carrier out of its position.

Slide the ink cartridge carrier into its position. Pull up to open the scanner cover.

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Feed the transport cleaning sheet, adhesive side up and in portrait orientation, through the scanner by placing it in the input tray and scanning. Scanner Basics Lamps Lamps Lamp warm up and shut off periods vary depending on the software that you are using. We offer quick, easy access to supplies and user manuals Within the U. Cleaning The Imaging Guides Dry the imaging guides with a dry staticide wipe. Accept the default location or enter a program folder in the text box.

Selecting A Good Location Phone access. Steady green scanner is ready to scan. The ScanTools Plus window appears. If you are scanning one-sided documents, be sure the side you want to scan is facing the input tray face down.

Page Clean the feed module, separator module, and drive appear on documents after rollers. The Welcome dialog appears.

Next, install ScanTools Plus data collection software. Push the pre-separation pad firmly in the slots until the pre-separation pad flap rests lightly against the separator module tires. Drivers and Scanner Utilities software, do that now before proceeding. Installation Complete Installation is now complete.

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The app also includes a grader, all the logic game explanations, access to your course, and more! Patch Reinstall and tighten the screw. Higher Ed Scandal Underscores the Importance of an Accredited Proctor Training Program Test proctors are an essential part of ensuring fairness and integrity in the testing process.

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