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Add photos to be published by dragging-and-dropping them in your published collection. To request a return, please submit the form below. You can get our apps here. Download the plug-in as a zip file. Customer Support Icon Contact us.

Can I stop an upload in progress? We warn you about low-resolution photos. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you use high-resolution photos, as low-resolution photos will not print well at standard sizes.

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As mentioned above, several configuration sections belong to Lightroom itself and affect how your images are rendered prior to exporting them. Compatibility This plug-in was developed and tested on Windows, but should work fine on a Mac please let me know if that's not the case! Published Collection Publish a Collection Add photos to be published by dragging-and-dropping them in your published collection. During the publishing operation, you will be given the opportunity to skip any images marked for republishing to avoid this duplication. You'll be able to change the collection's name, the Shutterfly album it is associated with, and any smart collection rules.

We have adjusted our layouts to fit the resolution of these photos but recommend you use the original photos if you have them available such as on your computer. Getting Started With Shutterfly. We recommend using our Mobile Apps for uploading your Mobile photos and videos. Drag-and-drop on Shutterfly to reorder folders or albums. For products with larger print sizes, such as Canvas Prints and poster-sized prints, use a higher resolution.

If images are marked for re-publishing by Lightroom, the Shutterfly Upload plug-in will give you the option of skipping them. This plug-in is provided for your use, free of charge. Shutterfly account, export location. You'll need to visit the Shutterfly web site to delete any unwanted images.

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This is just a temporary issue and your images should be back within a few hours. Here are our recommended minimum resolutions. Several others are owned by Lightroom itself and control how your images are rendered before export.

Your request has been received. If a given image is exported to Shutterfly more than once, the metadata reflects the status of the most recent export. How is resolution and file size related? At worst it may take a few days to repair the issue. Global settings available in the Plug-in Manager.

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Reload plug-in after updates or changing options. Typically those pictures come from either a digital camera or a scanner. Now you've digitized them, and you can add them to your Shutterfly account.

Shutterfly gift certificate for the amount of the return, applied directly to my Shutterfly account. As with most Lightroom plug-ins, maintenance and global configuration of the Shutterfly Upload plug-in takes place in Lightroom's Plug-in Manager dialog. No image update Images that are re-published to Shutterfly are duplicated in your Shutterfly album, microsoft excel 2010 manual pdf not replaced. What happens if I lose Internet connection or turn off my computer during an upload?

Not the articles you're looking for? Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image. If you want to crop your photo, we recommend doing so after uploading the original to Shutterfly. There are three settings groups in the Export Dialog that are specific to the Shutterfly Upload plug-in. You don't have to worry about duplicate photos because we automatically get rid of these during uploading more on this here.

There may be times when you would like images to be considered as having been successfully published, without having to export them to Shutterfly. If you're creating a smart published collection, you'll also be able to define the rules governing what images are added to the collection. Don't resize or sharpen now for more options later.

Passwords saved with presets created by prior versions of the plug-in will not be recognized. Please re-scan the photo and specify the area that needs to be scanned. Select the account to use from the list. We recommend higher-resolution whenever possible. To use a preset to fill in your options for you, just select it from the list.

Check your zip tool documentation to see what you need to do. Creating and using export presets are a handy way of streamlining your workflow. When you are in your Shutterfly account you will see the thumbnail contains this white space around the photo.

If your photo doesn't meet our recommended resolutions, the photo will display on our site with a warning. There may be still others contributed by other filter plug-ins that you've installed. Other products use at least the indicated resolution. If you are not familiar with the process of selecting a specific area on the scanner, please consult your scanning manual. Edit published collection to change the name or associated Shutterfly album.

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