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AR 15 Part Kits

September 2019

They always come with different components, some of which are essentially spare parts that whereas others are tools used for cleaning, disassembly, and reassembly. In fact, just as witnessed on the reviewed products, the cheaper the kit, the fewer its uses. Well, hamburg menschen kennenlernen there are traits for triggers you can shoose between.

Enhanced Triggers

Would recommend buying it. There is always a risk when you trust on what the manufacturer says without questioning it. Factory tuned for a better than average match grade trigger pull with minimum take-up and over-travel. How long will these be on sale for? However the trigger guard was missing the plunger so I had to use another trigger guard.

Haven't taken time to assemble yet. The parts in this kit were well made and went together with no major problems. With this I have some really good spare parts that fit and function great. Manufactured by Rock River Arms.

The lower parts kit kit was complete and was sold at a fair price. It is your ultimate answer to those situations when the tiny pieces of your lower have worn out or have been misplaced. This complete kit is good for immediate installation or as a spare parts kit.

Building a budget rifle calls for budget parts. They have built a more or less typical mil-spec rifle, and get basic mil-spec performance out of it. This is, therefore, the best kit to help you build up your lowers, as long as you already have a hammer and sear among those other parts mentioned. They are always there when you call. Fit and finish was great and had zero issues putting everything into my lower.

James Madison Tactical

Great, fast shipping, just what I wanted. Full strength rocket wire springs for fast lock-time and reliable discharge with factory or military ammo. So I deduct one star based off that. If you need a complete lower build kit, this is it!

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AR 15 Part Kits

Well, if you've ever fired a stock rifle or pistol, the chances are that you've fired a single-stage trigger. Most fancy bits and bobs are made for competitive shooters, but a good two stage trigger or at least a crisp single stage is where you should start, regardless of how you shoot. Regular single-stage triggers can ruin a precise shot, while a custom crafted two stage trigger is a delight to shoot again and again. Every component in this lower receiver kit is Mil-Spec so it will work in any lower receiver.


Would def order from you again. The former works better than the latter. You want to have a kit that will help you do the assembly, cleaning, and disassembly of your guns among other functions. Unlike competition shooting and home defense, hunting trigger groups take all kinds.

The trigger is one of the best mil-spec triggers I've used. Crisp light break not too light I have on patrol rifle and is about perfect. This is where the rule of the thumb comes in to play once again.

CMC Triggers AR/AR Single Stage Trigger Group

But you also need to be comfortable with the trigger or trigger kit that you end up using. Prices have been cut drastically on this product as part of a special offer. Very quick processing and shipping. Everything fit well and the pistol grip looks great.


AR 15 Parts Kits

Checked out the parts everything looks great. Easy install and good fit. Very pleased with this purchase. They have stainless roll pins that just slide right in and mil spec tool steel fire control groups. Disconnector and disconnector spring.

Take advantage of this market trend, and choose better than good enough. The order was processed immediately and sent out. Taking your rifle on the competition circuit?

The trigger and hammer are terrible! The grip is a hard plastic with a lackluster feel. You must, therefore, understand each of the kit components, erfurt and what the best material would be for each.

Sure, some of the same tension is there because you're trying to hit targets in a stressful environment, hübsche männer kennenlernen but that's about it. You will most likely be impressed with its performance. We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible!

Rock River Arms AR Lower Receiver Parts Kit - Single Stage Trigger AR
  1. Manufactured by Spike's Tactical.
  2. The more expensive kits come with more components thus making them bulky and heavy.
  3. Some parts kits are just the trigger.

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Drawbacks It lacks some of the parts you may have needed, e. Only a few manufacturers have their customers in mind. Large pin is only for Early Colt models and they are moving away from the large pin themselves.

  • Spike's Tactical set out to offer the best factory lower parts kit on the market!
  • Purchased this for a first time build.
  • This trigger was delivered in good condition and as advertised.
  • Stainless steel hammer and trigger pins with black oxide finish.
  • Surprisingly good trigger for a lower parts kit.

All parts were in the kit to build up my lower and primary arms did an excellent job about shipping my order promptly. After all, a nice stock and pistol grip can make a huge difference in performance and comfort. Trigger is so smooth I am thinking I need to upgrade my own. Most of the mil spec kits come with a lot of simplicity and easy to build operation, yet they are very effective. Other than that, I have no complaints.

CMC Triggers

Rock River Arms

Using it to defend your home? Very nice parts kit with a good trigger. Installed in Palmetto lower. Tape up your receiver as a backup! Will be switching this out for a rubber overmold type.

AR-15/10 Lower

Different kits come with parts that are compatible with different platforms. Your email address will not be published. The kind of match trigger a shooter prefers depends on what kind of shooter they are. Wasn't sure what to expect as this is my first build.

The trigger is amazing compared to other stock triggers, really crisp no take up and pretty light. Trigger kits vary in their parts. This offer won't last long, so don't miss out! This kit came organized in bags which was helpful. The hammer spring is way too weak, resulting in a lot of light strikes, the bolt catch is very loose, and all the individual bags of parts are filled with some sort of waxy substance.

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