Sony Xperia Sp User Guide Pdf

Sony Xperia SP user manual guide pdf

To take the photo, press the camera key. To view photos and videos in your device, go to your Home screen, tap then find and tap Album. Calendar And Alarm Clock Calendar and alarm clock Calendar Your device has a calendar application for managing your time schedule. By using favourites you can quickly return to a radio channel. Tap to open more options Enter the barcode numbers manually.

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For example, you can set data usage warnings and limits for your device to avoid additional charges. To customise the video camera settings panel When the video camera is open, tap to display all settings. This website uses cookies. Connectivity Connecting to wireless networks.

Tap the Security field to select a security type. Standby time refers to the time during your device is connected to the network and is not being used. Shutter sound Choose to turn on or turn off the shutter sound when you record a video. Use the Album application to view and to work with your photos and videos.

The high data speeds are possibly the most prominent feature, and certainly the most hyped. They enable such advanced features as live, streaming video. Typing text You can select from a number of keyboards and input methods to type text containing letters, numbers and other characters.

Bluetooth is an industry standard for contactless data transmission and communication between two devices. Messaging and chat Reading and sending messages. Synchronising data on your device About synchronising data on your device. Viewing your photos on a map If you enable location detection when taking photos, you can use the information gathered at a later stage.

Refer to Sony Customer support for more information. Personalising the Xperia keyboard. User guide Getting started About this User guide. When establishing this kind of connection, excel tutorial in pdf format free refer to the User guide of the compatible device for more information.

You can browse these applications and games through different categories. Entering text using voice input. Contacts Transferring contacts. Smart Products Smart Products. Suitable for photos that you want to view on non- widescreen displays or print in high resolution.

If a new software update is detected, a popup window appears. Tap the number of the participant you want to talk to privately.

For the keyboard to support this feature, landscape mode must be supported by the application you are using, and your screen orientation settings must be set to automatic. Tap the contact whose details you want to send. Camera Camera About the camera The camera in your device is equipped with the highly sensitive Exmor R sensor, which helps you capture sharp photos and videos even in low lighting conditions. Locking and unlocking the screen. In some cases, distances of up to m are possible.

For example, you can set your device to silent mode so that it doesn't ring when you're in a meeting. Select the data types that you want to back up. Shutter Sound Incandescent Adjusts the colour balance for warm lighting conditions, such as under light bulbs. Tap the paired device that you want to disconnect from under Trusted devices. The face selected appears inside a green frame and the photo is taken automatically.

Sensors Your device has sensors that detect both light and proximity. To display all settings, tap Select the setting that want to adjust, then make your changes.

Full phone specifications Sony Xperia SP LTE

This way, you can avoid high roaming costs. If several photos were taken at the same location, only one of them appears on the map. Face Detection To take a self-portrait using the front camera Activate the camera.

If desired, edit other alarm settings. Cloudy Adjust the colour balance for a cloudy sky.

Locking And Protecting Your Device To perform a factory data reset To avoid permanent damage to your device, do not restart your device while a reset procedure is underway. Rearranging Your Home Screen To delete a pane from your Home screen Touch and hold an empty area on your Home screen until the device vibrates. Flick left or right to browse to the pane that you want to delete, then tap Widgets Widgets are small applications that you can use directly on your Home screen. To enter text using the on-screen keyboard To enter a character visible on the keyboard, tap the character. Adding the geographical position to your photos.

Handsfree devices demand less battery power than your device's own loudspeakers. Select an application from the list, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sony Xperia SP user manual guide pdf

You can also send albums and playlists in the same way. In situations where the wireless network connection is weak, you should enable both options to ensure that your location is found.

Connecting your device to a computer. Locking and protecting your device.

You can customise your Home screen with widgets, shortcuts, folders, themes, wallpaper and other items. Favourites You can mark contacts as favourites so that you can get quick access to them from the Contacts application. To view photos and videos in grid view From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Album.

Sony Xperia SP user manual guide pdf -

Support and maintenance Updating your device. Viewing your photos on a map.

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Drag the icon to the desired location on the Home screen, then release your finger. Organising your email messages. Music Transferring music to your device. Press and hold down the power key until the device vibrates. Internet And Messaging Settings Enter all other information required by your network operator.


Full phone specifications Sony Xperia SP LTE