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Find the page number s for Allow Ss time to browse through the units and find the relevant information. Ss must defend their choice of text and share their answer with a partner. Otherwise we will use up all our resources and be overrun with waste and rubbish. We play a lot of basketball together and we go to the cinema quite a lot and sometimes we just hang out in the park.

What are you going to wear? Teenagers who keep up with the latest fashion and who have the money to spend, tend to go to high street shops while others like going to markets or second-hand shops. Suggested Answer Key I think he asks her about her name, age, experience, qualities and when she will be available to start.

The government is handing out food packages to needy families. How is it related to the title of the text? Oh, things are totally different there!

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Ss compare with their partners. How much do the classes cost? Ss compare answers with a partner.

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This way you could hang out together and get fit at the same time. Post the best articles in the classroom for everyone to view. Select some pairs to act out short exchanges in front of the class. If necessary, explain any new vocabulary.

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Ask Ss to justify their choices. My teachers are quite strict. Ss complete the questionnaire to find out their attitude towards money. But your mother abandoned you. These kinds of things make lessons come alive and really help me to learn.

How long are you staying for and where are you staying? When you visit us next time, we encourage you to tour our Park Models Home Center on site to see the many new features offered in these famous recreational homes.

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People wear totally different clothes now and there is a lot more variety of style and colour. Select individual Ss to read them in class. They may find it hard to sit still for long periods and may become distracted by their need for activity and exploration. The rise of cults, sects, new age, witchcraft and satanism is evident but only scratches the surface of the global growth of those who are embracing these very -super natural- beings. Ss compare and discuss their work.

Your mobile telephone number if you have one. Select individual Ss to read out the correct answer.

Ask Ss to refer to the Grammar Reference section if they require further assistance. Ss use it to act out their dialogues. The text might be about hobbies. Would you walk him, manastirea din parma pdf please?

Write back soon and tell me all about your plans. Ask Ss why friends are important to them. Last week in my Geography lesson, for example, we used an Internet site to learn about rivers. They would look more or less the same but their hairstyles would certainly be different and they would be wearing different clothes. John Logie Baird invented the first television.

What are the two teenagers doing? Expelling Darkness is about a real unseen but clearly evident spiritual war. They often benefit from reading a text aloud and using a tape recorder.

Then ask some pairs to report back to the class. Ask Ss to read the text one more time to ensure the sentences have been replaced in the correct positions. She is still getting over mumps. Do you notice anything special about each person?

No, we can wear what we like. Allow Ss time to read the texts. Do you write a list of things to do?

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Do you think you could give me some directions and tell me which bus or train I should get? If Ss do not have a recycling bin, ask them to create one.

Ask Ss to guess the answers for each gap. You can find great bargains there. And in the book counter measures. It is a good day out and a lot of fun for all.

Friends mean a lot to me because I think it is important to have people around you who you can talk to about personal issues and who you can trust. Ss and teachers talk openly about topics such as relationships, drugs, health for teenagers, etc. She even puts my stuff away in the wrong place. And I will buy her a pair of shoes.