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Neither is it slow to use veiled threats of excommunication to bend Catholic politicians throughout the world to its will. The Vatican has no permanent population, which is a legal requirement of being a state. Can he be brought to book for this?

The case of the pope

One mightily important reason, examined in detail in this book, is because he is supposedly a head of state. It is rather like pleading not guilty to stealing from Tesco's on the grounds that one is a shoplifter.

It is even possible to interpret canon law as claiming that a valid defence for paedophile offences is paedophilia. Some Church ministers including popes have been targeted and attacked. In most respects, they could not have been more different. It reveals how decisions are made, how papal bureaucrats think, and how careers in the Roman Curia are shaped.

Thus, to say that papal elections are unique is an understatement of considerable magnitude, hence, the potential to fascinate. Roman pontiffs bestowed great wealth on their families and forged strategic alliances with other powerful families to increase their power. The current sequestered form, i. In fact, he argues, the Vatican's claim to statehood is bogus.

Those who imagine that the Vatican has recently agreed to cooperate with the police, he points out, have simply fallen for one of its cynical public relations exercises. The sexual abuse scandals that shook American and British Catholicism in brought to light a long-standing cultural gap between the English-speaking Catholic world and the Vatican. It is one of the most formidable demolition jobs one could imagine on a man who has done more to discredit the cause of religion than Rasputin and Pat Robertson put together. Historical longevity, with its inevitable repertoire of accumulated drama, though entralling, is but just one of the facets that make papal elections so captivating. Both were prone to sudden fits of temper and were fiercely protective of the prerogatives of their office.

For these purposes, it is sometimes to be found in unholy alliance with states such as Libya and Iran.

The Case Of The Pope

It deals, unstintingly, with the traditions, the norms, the papabili, the rituals, the dynamics, the politics, the mechanics, the laws, the precedents and the pertinent history of papal elections. The papacy has often resembled a secular European monarchy more than a divinely inspired institution. They shared a distrust of democracy and a visceral hatred of Communism. It dates from a treaty established between Mussolini and the Holy See, which Robertson believes has no basis in international law.

The Case of the Pope
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The Case of the Pope

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Terry Eagleton's latest book is On Evil Yale. How can Ratzinger get away with it?

When her marital alliance was no longer advantageous, as was the case in her second marriage, her husband was brutally murdered. This impassioned plea in favor of canonizing the pope as a saint has proven to be of profound interest to Catholics worldwide, as well as to anyone interested in faith and spirituality. Is the Pope morally or legally responsible for the negligence that has allowed so many terrible crimes to go unpunished? Vivid, dramatic, with surprises at every turn, how to secure a pdf file The Pope and Mussolini is history writ large and with the lightning hand of truth. Out of this upheaval came the Western idea of integrated legal systems consciously developed over generations and centuries.

The case of the pope

When the Vatican struck down the U. The next election will be the seventy-fourth in this sequence. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Each relied on the other to consolidate his power and achieve his political goals.

One was scholarly and devout, the other thuggish and profane. Written simply and dramatically, carrying a wealth of detail for the scholar but also a fascinating story for the layman, the book grapples with wideranging questions of our heritage and our future. The Roman Catholic Church is subjected to threats by some radical section of Muslims, and fundamentalists from Pentecostal sects. Papal families since the early history of the church are fully covered in this comprehensive work.

One of its main themes is the interaction between the Western belief in legal evolution and the periodic outbreak of apocalyptic revolutionary upheavals. Should he and his seat of power, the Holy See, continue to enjoy an immunity that places them above the law? Security issue has emerged in workshops and seminars as one of the pertinent themes of today.

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In the coexistence and competition of these systems he finds an important source of the Western belief in the supremacy of law. Detailed histories examine the impact of the papacy on each pope's family and how each influenced the history of the church. Berman challenges conventional nationalist approaches to legal history, which have neglected the common foundations of all Western legal systems. This book delivers a devastating indictment of the way the Vatican has run a secret legal system that shields paedophile priests from criminal trial around the world. From the Trade Paperback edition.