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The powdered form streak of the mineral is black and has a sulfurlike smell. Be sure the roles played by the following important factors are addressed.

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Then attention wanders, confusion sets in, and less and less of what is said gets into the notes. This is doubly unfortunate since, inevitably, the lecture gets to the heart of the topic and the material you will certainly be tested on toward the end.

Then ask yourself where in which Earth layer each process operates and arrange your sketches accordingly. Arrive with an overview in mind.

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With the key points already in mind, you can focus in lecture on understanding the details. Focus on understanding the concept. The outline and summary will provide an overview, or organizer, land rover repair manual pdf that will greatly accelerate your reading and understanding of material. He measured the difference in the angle of sunlight hitting the Earth at the summer solstice at two different places in Egypt. Earthquakes cause the plates to move.

How to take notes on rock samples During lecture the instructor may show slides of igneous rock formations and may pass around specimens of igneous rocks. You will have a better chance of seeing the samples if you sit at the front of the room. This, in turn, will help ensure you get an excellent set of notes. Read the preview questions. With this method you read portions of the text as you need them to find answers to questions.

Mastery occurs as the result of asking yourself questions and answering them. This can occur anytime before the next lecture. Try answering the Study Guide Review Questions. Research shows that few of us have the attention span to listen actively and take good notes for an entire hour. Usually, the mode we prefer is the one we use best.

Helens, Mount Rainier, and Andes because continental crust may melt. You do not need to know the bulk composition mafic, intermediate, felsic of the magma to answer these questions.

Using the scientific method. Not only do you have a lot to learn, but you have a lot to learn about how to learn it.

You can use the NoteTaking Checklist before you go to lecture as a one-minute reminder of what to do to improve your note-taking skills. The character of the chemical bond can be ionic, covalent, or metallic. Organizing for final exams can be quite a challenge. It provides an opportunity for feedback and testing. Only then should you mark.

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Jordan For the introductory geology or actual geology direction. In this chapter we discuss successful studying strategies for your geology course. Igneous rock textures In each of the four boxes, sketch the igneous rock texture that is consistent with the origin of the rock as described above each box.

To use this tool you need to look actively for clues. What is the engine that drives plate tectonics? Go back to your annotated text to check the accuracy of your answers.

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Break it down into pieces. You can speed up your reading time by being vigilant for key terms. Relative to sea level, how much lower is the lowest point compared to the highest point? Rocks are naturally occurring aggregates of minerals. Previewing is the method by which you generate and master a framework for listening.

Use your surprise or puzzlement to motivate yourself when you read that section. The accrued papers talk about geometry, structural rules, approaches and difficulties in a variety of tectonic settings and thereby mirror the breadth of Coward's pursuits. Your basic goal during lecture is to take good notes. Compared to the bulk composition of the rock, the minerals with the lower melting temperature are A.

Then return here to read the next strategy. Rock texture The lecturer may show or pass around samples of the three types of rocks to help you learn how they differ. The notes should answer the Chapter Preview questions in depth.

We may not read the software manual first. This will save you a lot of time. Use the following checklist as a guide.

In the field or in hand-sized specimens, intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks are distinguished by which characteristic? Visual learners will remember material best after they look at and study a figure.

Mid-ocean ridges, according to the plate tectonic theory, are A. Refer to the section in the textbook titled Cleavage. Most students who fail geology do so because they fail to attend lecture. We have made it easier by identifying the five key questions on igneous rocks for you see Chapter Preview. What I thought was hornblende turned out to be biotite.

Understanding Earth Student Study Guide Sixth Edition

Reviewing preview questions may help. You generate a small spark of interest and then fan it by bringing in new material. At which type of plate boundaries are volcanoes least likely to form? Studying strategies make you more efficient so that you can learn more in less time.